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My first blog entry

This is my first sample entry.

I've always wanted to have my own built personal portfolio site and for a long time I didn't have any real motivation or reason to build it. Now that I had a need to get something together for my (and as my) portfolio, I gave it a go. I'm quite happy with it, how it's coming together and the development process.

It's primary purpose is to be my portfolio (both the site itself and it's code), and as a learning tool too. I'm using it to learn, improve and showcase some of my web dev skills, as this is my only real project I can publish the code for. It's a bit rushed as I needed it for my new work search journey starting in May 2024, but I plan to actively develop and improve it for at least the whole 2024. As I work on it, I'm also learning Next.js (along with solidifying other skills, like SEO, experience with some of the used services, etc.), so some stuff might still need some ironing out and refactoring, as I had to put it all together quite fast and didn't have time to properly use all Next.js capabilities, features and optimal code design patterns/practices. But it will get there, as another goal is to have a good quality codebase for quick referencing in the future, like some CRUD/CMS, Redux or Next.js patterns, solid Node.js server boilerplate, etc. It might even have a sample Electron and RN app too, but I'm working on a separate notes project (SaaS) which is a lot more complex system with more features and technologies, so I might use that as a better example and practice opportunity for various things. Not sure if it will serve me as a portfolio item, that depends on whether I decide to open-source it. For now, it's closed and serves not only for learning and refining many advanced skills, but also as my ideal note system (minimal and simple, a bit unique, but with lots of features at the same time seamlessly integrated), and it might even turn into something launchable eventually... well see.

The code (which you can check out at the repo) might be a bit overengineered, but again, that's because I wanted to use it as a learning experience and showcase some of my skills and knowledge. On that note, there might be a bit too much features eventually as well, like different color themes, real-time chat, etc.

As for the blog content itself, I might post notes and updates on my journey, things I learn, some other dev related and life/personal stuff too, etc. too, but I will see how it goes.
It might be more for myself to just consolidate some thouhts and knowledge, but if others find it useful, then great. I'm always open to some feedback and suggestions.

I'm not sure yet about the content itself. If that would be the primary goal, I might have just used WordPress or some other CMS. Also, I don't build a portfolio site because I might need one for fiding a job, build one if it serves a purpose for you. i.e. learning a new skill, organizing your work, or just having fun. I think the results are much more interesting that way. So we'll see how this all develops over time.